List Of Part Time Courses In Uniben

Here is a list of courses approved by National University commission for University of Benin in Edo State.

1 B. Agric (Animal Science, Crop Science,
Soil Science);
2 B. Agric. (Fisheries)
3. B. Agric. (Forestry and Wildlife)
4 B.A. (English and Literature)
5. B A. (International Studies and Diplomacy)

6. B A. (Linguistics)
7. B. A. (Linguistics and Edo language)
8. B A. (Mass Communication)
9. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education)
10. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education/English &

11. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education/Fine Arts)

12 B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education/Economics
and Statistics)
13. B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education/Political
14. B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education/English
language and Literature)
15. B. A. (Ed) (History)
16. B. A. (Ed) (French)
17. B. A. (Ed) (Fine Arts)
18 B. A. (Ed) (Edo Language)
19. B. A. (Ed) (Religious Studies)
20. B. Sc. (Ed) (Economics & Statistics)
21. B. Sc. (Ed) (Geography & Regional
22. B. Sc. (Ed) (Political Science & Public
23. B. Sc. (Ed) (Biology);
24. B. Sc (Ed) (Chemistry);
25. B. Sc (Ed) (Mathematics);
26. B. Sc. (Ed) (Physics)
27 B. Sc. (Ed) (Computer Science)
28. B. Sc (Ed) (Integrated Science)
29 B. Sc. (Ed) (Social Studies)
30. B. Sc. (Ed) (Human Kinetics)
31 B. Sc. (Ed) (Health Education)
32. B. Sc. (Ed) (Environmental Education)
33 B. Sc (Ed) (Agriculture Education)
34. B Sc. (Ed) (Business Education)
34. B Sc. (Ed) (Business Education)
35 B Sc (Ed) (Home Economics Education)
36 BSc (Ed) (Industrial Technical Education)
37 B Sc (Accounting)
38 BSc. (Banking and Finance)
39 BSc. (Computer Science)
40 BSc (Physics)
41 BSc. (Public Administration)

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