List of Radio Stations In Enugu Nigeria

This radio stations are all in Enugu state capital, they are not for the whole state.

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Enugu – Enugu. 

92.5 – Dream FM, Enugu
100.9 -Solid FM
91.1 -Lion FM, Nsukka
92.9 – Coal City FM (FRCN)
828 -Radio Nigeria 1 Enugu Enugu
98.7-Caritas University FM Radio
106.9-Gouni FM (Godfrey Okoye University) Radio, Enugu
106.5 – Stallion FM (Federal College of Education, Ehu-Amufu)
96.7 Voice FM, Nsukka (FRCN)
96.1-Sunrise FM, Enugu
94.5-Urban Radio, Enugu
106.5-ESUT RADIO, Enugu

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