List Of Top Australian Illuminati Members

The Illuminati order in Australia has been going on from the day it entered Europe, it first reached Australia before it reached Asia.
The Illuminati order in Australia is peculiar for having families or bloodlines as member rather than individuals. In the USA and many countries Individuals can join up, but not in Australia, it has to be family. So generation after generation of  Illuminati families grew up to be in the order as inheritance.
So the order is very tight in Australia, they are very secretive, yet very powerful and rich. Only one or two are allowed to be famous out of each member-family.
Below are the possible Illuminati members in Australia based on the things they did or say. Including displaying their signs.(and of course our usual reliable source)
Note: The list below list are NOT confirmed members, this is a popular conspiracy theory.
1. Rolf Harris
2. Tony Abbott
3. Kyle Sandilands
4. Joe Hockey
5. Clive Palmer
6. Pauline Hanson
7. Ben Cousins
8. Tom Waterhouse
9. Brynne Edelsten
10. Lara Bingle
11. Eric Bana
12. Olivia Newton John
13. Anh Do
14. Hamish Blake
15. Rebecca Gibney

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