List of Top Eligible Nigerian Bachelors 2021

First you may or may not have heard their names before, they are not your regular celebs, but if you know Nwaosu of the former or Jide of then you might know them.

List of eligible Bachelors

Gej Mgbenka Ifeanyi OkijaAmaka (Over eligible. He has been promising us that he will marry in 2020 since 2015 and we are in 2021 now, I don’t know if he wants to ever get married)

Otunba Joe Adediji (Very very eligible, it not like he is not rich o… we don’t know what he is waiting for)

Oluwadamilare Damizille Bakare (If this one doesn’t marry by this time next year, we will crown him priest because no hope again)

Oscar Frank (We give this one till end of the year), he runs

Larry Frank (By end of next year you are not married, we will give you a wife)

Theodore Nwangene (You have till end of this year)

Samuel Gilbert (Immediately Theodore gets married you are next…. all those Enugu girls will be on your eye)

Samuel Adeniyi

Me I have sown the agbada i will wear to your wedding, you have 2 months to marry. I also have a new suit ready incase you decide to do the white wedding.

Victor Oforji You encouraged us to go and get married and you are still single, no be juju be that. You must marry this year bro.

Inengisa Opuada

Baba what are you waiting for na? Abi you wan be like GEJ.

You can add others eligible names you know via the comment, I can assure you they will see their names, if this doesn’t motivate them what will?

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