List Of Alleged Top African Presidents That Belongs To The Illuminati

This African presidents are the hottest Illuminati things, they are well known, their powers are unmatched, that is why any coup that is planned is not successful. Some have been in power long before most of their citizens were born

This African presidents are the pioneers of Illuminati in their various countries, as an Illuminati president almost all their Cabinet members are part of this Organization.

“Sell your soul, keep your body and divide half of your brain” this the mandate of the Illuminati order, all members know this. “….when you leave you fall” a very sacred warning from the Illum grand book (more later on this interesting book that shares some resemblance with the Islamic Quran and the book of Momo of the Seventh day Adventist church now Church of Christ) we managed to lay our hands on. This warning is the most feared aspect in Illuminati, because life and death depends on this warning.

Sadly some African Presidents thinking they can game the system that brought them into power decided to ignore this warning and do whatever they want to do thereby going contrary to the Ilium grand book have falling. Ask Libya’s ex president Gadaffi if you can see him.


We are going to see the list of past and present African presidents under Illuminati, those that are still active and those that has fallen including what made them fall. (for now those that are still active)

Past and present Alleged African presidents under Illuminati


1. Paul Biya – Cameroon

1982 was the day this man came into power as Cameroonian president, he joined the Illuminati in 1980, and two years later he became president. As the head of government in Cameroon he is also the head of government of Illuminati in the country, according to an insider Paul Biya and co are required to give 100 humans every year as sacrifice for him to stay in power. He is now in power for 40 years and still counting.

2. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – Equatorial Guinea

Teo as he is fondly called in Illuminati circles has been in power as President for 35 years, although Equatorial Guinea has a multiparty system, but Teo always wins landslide victories, almost unchallenged, best example is when he won the presidency with 97 percent of the vote in 2002. He’s accused of filling his personal bank accounts with state money and spending it on luxury vehicles, foreign real estate and expensive trips across the globe. Even state media call him a national “god” and promotes the cult of Illuminati around him.
The tiny former Spanish colony country is the 13th most corrupt in the world, according to Transparency International. Almost 200 hundred humans are reported dead at the same time in one particular day every year. This is rumoured to be the handi work of Teo and co.

3. Jose Eduardo dos Santos – Angola

Another Illuminati member that is as stubborn as they come, is Eduardo, this Angolan president has won every competition he has been in. He is reportedly the wealthiest president on the continent, worth around $20 billion, which he gained through giving himself stakes in state-owned companies and transferring public funds to his personal bank accounts. This is all possible because he is a member of the Illuminati President for 35 years,

4. Yoweri Museveni, Uganda:

Museveni joined the Illuminati in 1979 when he wanted to topple the ruthless dictator Idi Amin and was a prominent figure in the civil war that followed. Supported by the Order his National Resistance Movement, the military wing of the National Resistance Party, came out victorious and he’s ruled the country ever since. He helped kickstart economic growth and stability following the civil war, but his party’s military force grew increasingly violent. The years long fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels has both bolstered his power in the country and helped keep Uganda from flourishing. He has ruled for 28 years.

5. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

Mugabe was the Prime Minister, then president, for 34 years. His rule began in 1980 after the guerrilla movement he led, ZANU-PF, managed to upend white-minority rule in what was then called Rhodesia. He soon descended into authoritarianism. The Zimbabwean economy has performed disastrously since he came to power. He has seized properties and violently cracked down on the opposition with torture and unlawful arrests. Why are Zimbabwens keeping quiet? Many have tried to stop him but can’t because the Illuminati power that is protecting him is of the high order.

Note: This is just conspiracy theory, nothing is confirmed here. You may take it as a joke.

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