List of Top Illuminati Members In South Africa

John Ruppet Head Illuminati

The Illuminati order do not mind any body, nor any country it doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white, no skin color, no racial discrimination and prejudice and in the case of South Africa no Apartheid. In the illuminati order every one is equal.

Gradually but steadily it has come to South Africa the rainbow nation. With the promise of money fame and power, many young South Africans are rushing to be initiated. Of course with great money comes great responsibilities and consequences. There is no easy money any where. Those who joined are regretting.

Here are top South Africans that belongs to the Illuminati order.

1. Gerrit “GT” Thomas Ferreira – This Man is worth $510 Million officially, he one of the many executives SA has.

2. Jannie Mouton is worth $520 Million. This person holds a position that is equivalent to a senior manager in the Illuminati word South African Branch.

3. Gus Attridge One of the richest men in South Africa and is worth $660 Million. A man that was at a time tipped to become one of the Directors of Illuminati in SA.

4. Desmond Sacco failed to do his annual sacrifice and was demoted. His business suffered and he dropped from being one of the few billionaires in SA he is now worth  $680 Million.

5. Allan Gray is not just an Illuminati member he is one the leading people when it comes to the Illuminati in Africa, a man that is ranked as a senior member in the order. By the way he is worth $1.4 Billions.

List of Top Illuminati Members In South Africa
Allan Gray


6. Johann Rupert this is the richest man in SA, with 8.1 Billions as his net worth. The head of the Illuminati in South Africa, he is among the Executives in the world.

List of Top Illuminati Members In South Africa
Patrice Motsepe

7. Patrice Motsepe worth 2.6 Billions dollars. He is the richest black South African, he made his money without Illuminati assistance, however it was rumored that he joined because he needed protection. If you cant beat them join them.

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