List Of Top Illuminati Pastors In Nigeria

List Of Top Illuminati Pastors In Nigeria

Illuminati in Nigeria is such a big thing this days, not only are people joining up like they are joining the army
during the Nigerian Biafra civil war. Many have taken it to be their business, a new Yahoo Yahoo venture.
List Of Top Illuminati Pastors In Nigeria

Truth is despite the many numerous adverts on blogs and forums including social media 80% are all fake. Illuminati don’t beg people to join rather they approach you that’s why ‘how to join the Illuminati’ is a good read.

Many Nigerian pastors are in this order, ever wondered why that poor man that find it difficult to eat suddenly becomes a pastor and start rocking the latest car ever to hit the shores of Naija? Or that pastor you know that doesn’t have much member, but suddenly miracles start happening and the church start filling up and money start coming. Well that is Illuminati at work.

Recently rumor have it that Nigerian pastors are among the front runners when it comes to Illuminati in Africa. But who are they? 

Below are the list of unconfirmed Illuminati pastors in Nigeria

1. Prophet TB Joshua : It was said he some how disobeyed the Illuminati order hence that attact on his Synagogue church that killed many people.

List Of Top Illuminati Pastors In Nigeria
2. Pastor Chris Oyakilomi : The senior man of Christ embassy is another Naija Illuminati member. It was rumored that the Illuminati caused a rift between him and his ex wife Anita which led to their divorce how exactly we do not know.

3. Rev Father Mbaka
Mbaka is well known in Nigeria, in fact he is a house hold name in the East of Naija, The account although unconfirmed have it that he joined Illuminati long before he became famous. The Jonathan fiasco was what he was told to do.

4. Pastor Enoch Adeboye

The RCC boss is another that is reportedly in the Illuminati order, he did a lot of things to be where he is among which having to sacrifice dead people from the mog for an annual ritual. 

5. David Oyedepo

List Of Top Illuminati Pastors In Nigeria
Winners is a notorious church, especially in dressing and grooming, where the females allegedly wears trousers to church, according to the Illuminati directives.

6. Lazarus Muoka 

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Church Boss, is a strong man when it comes to certain certain, it was said that when he joined the Illuminati, he was asked to change his name from his original to Lazarus, the reason do not know. 

This are the Illuminati pastors in Naija. 

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NOTE: nothing here is confirmed, except that they are pastors and are based in Nigeria. Their Illuminati membership are all strong rumors which might be false or true, this is a conspiracy theory, hence nothing is certified confirmed.

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