List of Unofficial Sanctions on Nigeria

The Russia Ukraine war is on, and the Russia has been sanctioned by USA and other countries of the world, officially Russia is under strict sanctions. Right here in Nigeria, the country has lots of sanctions, which you might not notice, hence its unofficial.

1. Nigerians can’t use PayPal.

2. Nigerians can only access $20 a month (international spending limits pity)

3. Nigeria isn’t allowed to buy certain military equipments.

4. Nigerians no longer have access to send money abroad via MoneyGram or Western Union.

5. Nigerians can’t trade crypto legally.

6. Nigeria will never get license from IAEA to explore nuclear power plants.

7. Nigerian banks largely will not allow Direct Currency Conversion for international ATM/ web purchases.

8. Nigerians will never see KFC or McDonald’s set up shop in their local neighborhoods.

9. Nigerians will always seek the face of Britain before she elects political leaders to her highest offices.

10. Nigeria cannot sell her oil to nations the US forbids her from selling to.

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