Make Money Online Writing Articles

Make Money Online Writing ArticlesMany people especially Africans living in some West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin and others living in North Africa, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisa, Southern Africa countries are not left out as South Africa, Zambia and Bostwana are taking advantage of article writing online to make money.

Though there are many Africans making money off the Internet yet many are not, is either they don’t have internet connection or they lack the information needed.

Introducing article writing the new wave of online money

What is article writing?

This involves writing post or articles for a site or blog that will pay you, is either you do it as a freelance writer (writing for others for a stipulated amount of money) or take time to write for a website(s) which will share the revenue of your written articles with you, those websites are called Revenue sharing sites.

How it works

Pick a revenue sharing site that suites you, create an account with them, read their TOS and start writing with them, for list of top revenue sharing sites that have been tasted and certified good, they have paid their members as at when due see Best online writing sites

Freelance work how it works

Is takes more time making money through freelance work, than it takes earning with article writing sites, in freelance writing you’d first spend time building your portfolio as a good writer, you have to write for many blogs and sites, doing a lot of guest post. A secret way to build your portfolio is by joining and writing for those revenue sites mentioned at that post. When you’ve done that you can now join some freelance writing sites like Elegance or, when writing your profile add the links to your best articles written online, mention the site(s) you’ve written for.

How much can you make writing articles online

There is no two ways about that you can make as much as the effort you put, how so? If you’d like to earn enough to cover many of your needs then you have to put an effort equal to that, you see there is no such thing as an easy money, work hard and earn money, work harder and earn even more money. For example you want $100, maybe the site you are writing for gives you $1 per article do the maths you need 100 articles, that is $1 * 100A = $100.

Making money through freelance writing don’t take as much effort as in writing for revenue sharing websites, provided you’ve built your credentials. One written post can fetch as much as that $100! There are even few making $500 per article like the Nigerian Onibalusi Bamidele of writers in charge who makes about $5000 a month. But as a beginner you’d do well to expect to make about $5 to $25.

Rome was not built in day so don’t expect to start making money immediately unless you are lucky, you won’t see a penny in your first 6 months. Though there is a site that pays instantly, writing articles there is like updating your facebook status, except it has to your own words, it is quiet easy to use and earn Sign up

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    There are better paying writing jobs. You can earn $5 per article as long as your writing is good, you;ll be offered better payment.


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