Names Of Illuminati Pastors And Bishops In Kenya

Whether you like it or not Illuminati have come to stay in Africa, and for Kenyans their men of God are leading the charge,

Illuminati have been given back to them and they’ve been given back to the order, at least they were.

Ever wondered why a person you know very, who doesn’t have a rented home in Nairobi, perhaps very poor, suddenly becomes a pastor or bishop and start banking the money, if you ask them they will say God, perhaps it is the Illuminati god that called them.

1. Bishop Thomas Wahome  The boss of Helicopter of Christ Church, is not saying the truth, the Illuminati order told him to lie to his congregation that had been granted access to the God’s Book of Life, so he began to charge his followers large sums of money to tell them whether their names are writing there or not.

2. Pastor Michael Njoroge

he is the owner of Fire Gospel Ministry, he joined the Illuminati before he became famous, but things came to a head start when he failed to sacrifice his family member, as they allowed things to happen to him including being exposed by a call girl he slept with and that issue of fake testimonies.

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3. Prophet Victor Kanyari  of 310 infamy – Prophet Victor owns Salvation Healing Ministry, a church that seemingly heals people. When he did everything Illuminati asked him to do what, but he failed, hence he was punished in various ways notable among them is the making of his miracles look fake, as people charged for healings failed to heal.

4. Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a
he runs of Neno Evangelism Centre in Kenya – He joined the Illuminati in prison when he was doing time in Shimo la Tewa Prison in Mombasa. After which he came out to start performing miracles.

5. Bishop Gilbert Deya– He is a Kenyan UK-based preacher, he wads empowered by the Illuminati to with the ability to make infertile women pregnant.

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