Notable Nigerians who are cultists

Cult or secret society as the case may be is now the common thing now in Nigerian universities, and college of Education. Pyrate Confraternity, sea Dogs, Buccaneers e.t.c are some of the names of cults. But do you know that their are some notable Nigerians that are cultist? In fact some of them are the founders. Lets first look at the brief, history of some cult.
Notable Nigerians who are cultists!
Soyinka Naija poster cultist

Read History of cults in Nigerian University System

The Pyrate Confraternity, Sea Dogs, started out in 1952 at the University College, Ibadan now University of Ibadan, the group of seven, lead by Wole Soyinka, peceived themselves as cultural nationalists. In the first two decades, the Sea Dogs maintained a very selective, restricted membership which insisted upon good academic record as a prerequisite.

This perhaps explains the array of achievers who are Pyrates: This are the full list of Notable Nigerians that belongs or are still cultist

1. Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate in Literature
2. Olumuyiwa Are, Professor of Physics
3. Ralph Opara, Media Executive
4. D. Aig Imokhuede, Artist
5. Tunji Tubia, Medical Practitioner
6. Olu Agunloye, former Head, Federal Road Safety Corps.

And some others. This article is part of the series of posts on cults in Nigerian University system
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