See What Caused The Recent PSquare Fight

Peter and Paul and Jude Okoye are at it a again, this time this fight may be the one that separates them finally.
Mr P and Rudeboy has already gone solo, Peter in fact he has done some shows as a solo artist.
So what caused the fight between Peter and Paul of P Square?
You remember this picture that broke the internet early this year?
See What Caused The Recent P Square Fight
The picture shows Peter with an endowed lady at a club somewhere in Owerri Imo state. Is no problem but: According to our source 
Peter’s wife Lola wasn’t happy, so she told her husband and then insisted that when ever he comes down to the East she will go with him, Peter agreed.
But this did not go down well with the rest of the family (Jude and Paul) as they where not happy with that arrangement.
Matters came to a head, when Jude wanted only the twins to come down to Owerri for some private business, Lola insisted she must go with them. 
Jude and Paul wont have that, so they ended up cancelling that trip.
Paul and felt that Peter’s wife is too controlling, and told Peter so, Peter didn’t like that statement so they ended up quarreling.
From that point, their relationship started going down, Paul even had to cancel a trip to US without informing Peter. And so they ended up going there separate ways.
Mr P and Rudeboy have since moved on, they are now the richest upcoming artist in Nigeria and Africa.

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