Series of posts on cults in Nigerian University system

Until recently the University community and in fact a great deal percentage of the Nigerian public have lived in total ignorance of the nature and activities of cult groups operating in Nigerian Universities, Indeed, it took the mayhem pepetrated by cult groups at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife in 1999 for people to realise the danger of secret societies. 9jacampus will look at various key factors in cults, its history, pioneers, notable names, their objectives, its advantages and disadvantages Etc.

Here are articles talking about cults in Nigeria
* Cults and women abuse in university
* Are fraternities in universities
* Notable Nigerians who are cultists
* History of cults in Nigerian univiersity system
* Membership of cults what is involved
* Jamb and cultism in Nigeria

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