Hot Jihads Syria-Tunisian Connections the Hot Girls There

hot Jihad Syria-Tunisian Connection the Hot Girls There

One is a country in Asia fighting its civil war which has gone on for more than two years. The other is a country in North Africa which is experiencing its own tumoil both are far away from each other with countries, desert and water sperating them. Yet despite this they now share something in common-sexual Jihads.

What is sèxuàl or hot Jihads?

This term is a new one, it was relatively unknown until recently, when Syrian rebels started losing more grounds to the Al Bashir led Syrian government. Then come a need to boast the morale of the troops, as so this Jihads came in.

Hot Jihads are women who are allegedly used as “adult workers” they provide this services for male Jihads, with the aim of boasting the morale of this fighters.

Tunisa and Syrian connections

Women minors and adult 17- 30 years are transported to Syria via the Jebel ech Chaambi (Chaambi mountains) area of western central Tunisia, on the border with Algeria which has witnessed severe fighting among Islamic extremist.

The girls on reaching Syria will instantly turn to hot Jihads or hot girls performing their duties to this war-weary men to keep them fighting. According to some news sources the Tunisian girls are swapped between 30, 40, to 100 men.

Though it’s prostítution many especially those receiving the services don’t see it so. They are of the view that neccessity calls for the forbidden, in this case the temporary marriage to satisfy their canny needs.

Lotfi bin Jido, Tunisian’s Interior Minister takes action

Aleast 19 women and girls have been arrested so far. The operation is still ongoing to stop this kind of behaviour among Tunisian women. Though some of those arrested are perhaps innocent but majority are.

according to the BBC.

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