South Sudan To Host 2019 International fixtures in Uganda

Football is the most popular sport in the world. There are more than four billion players and fans who cheer on the game. The prevalence of the sport can be attributed to regular matches and competitions which go year all year round.

The UEFA English Premier League is the most popular league in the entire world. The tier features some of the best players and referees around the globe.

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African Football. It should not come as a surprise that football is widely played across all the fifty-four countries of Africa. The Confederation of African Football which is the governing body of African football was founded in 1957. Since then African countries have been contesting for the African Cup of Nations which is the most prestigious football title. Algeria won the 2019 AFCON cup after defeating Senegal 1-0. Its why Betway lovers love betting on  Africanfootball then.

Football in South Sudan

It might come as a surprise that Sudan was the country that founded CAF. South Sudan might be the youngest independent country in the world, but the roots of football go way back. The state got independence in 2011, and it joined FIFA a year later in Budapest.

The South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) is the organization which runs all the football activities in the country. The South Sudan football championship is the top tier of the country. The first season was played in 2011. Wau Salaam won the first tournament after defeating seven teams. However, the league has grown in the number of groups which participate.

The government of Sudan has approved for the renovation of the Juba stadium. It will cost about $25 million, but it will accommodate 35,000 people. The stadium will be renovated in Northern Bari area located Jubek County. The renovations are being aided by the Chinese and the FIFA development program. The construction of Juba Stadium is aimed to grow the number of sports activities and talents in the country. It has been predicted that the structure will end in 2020.

For this reason, the 2019 international fixtures for South Sudan will be set in Uganda. According to Francis Amin, who is the President of SSFA Uganda is the best place to play the tournament because it is cheaper and nearer: rather than moving to Khartoum. Also, several South Sudanese citizens reside in Kampala; thus, they have a chance to come and cheer for the teams.

Once the Juba stadium is complete, it will give South Sudan a chance to boost sports activities in the country. This will also help to increase the economic activity of the country. Football is a sport that brings people together, and it has been a source of unity in the war-ridden country. Are you on Betway and looking to bet on your favorite sports matches? Do it the right way, and bet on African football.

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