Suggested text for Mathematics JAMB.

In order to pass your Jamb and gain admission, You need to study this
texts books am going to list because that is where JAMB will set there
questions from, the books are fashioned out to meet the demands of
candidates preparing for U.M.E, P.C.E and S.S.C.E. They are

1. Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision by Adelodun A.A
2. Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial
students in Higher Institutions, by Anyebe, J.A.B
3. New General Mathematics for West Africa SSS 1 to 3. By Channon, J.B
Smith, A.m
4. New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools by David Osuagwu, M
5. Further Mathematics, by Egbe E.
6. Algebra and Calculus for Schools and Colleges, by Ibude, S.O.
7. Further Mathematics Project 1 to Tuttuh Adegun.
For candidates who who wants a book that contains all things maths,
is easy to understand not too big like other Maths books, pricise
questioning and answering, try Integrated Mathematics for Senior
Secondary Schools and JAMB Examination. Ay Afolabi J.r
Note: Recommended by me because JAMB wont do that, they prefer you buy
them all. The disadvantage is You could get so confused, that you
could get a brain lock, as a result of studying too many big books.

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