Suggested Texts For Government JAMB

This are suggested text for Government in JAMB examination, it consist of the names of Authors, and the name of the books, including where and which companies published it. 1. Adigwe, F. Essentials of Government for West Africa, Ibadan: University press plc. 2. Anifowose, R and Enemuo, F. C. Elements of politics, Lagos, Malthouse press Limited. 3. Appodoraid, A. The substance of politics, London: Oxford University press. 4. Ball, A. R. Morden politics, and Government, London: Macmillan 5. Ikein, A. A. The impact of oil on a Developing Country; The case of Nigeria, Ibadan: Evans. 6. Ojiako, J. O. Nigeria Yesterday, today and_ ? Onitsha Africana Educational Publishers. 7. Olawale, J. B. New topics on Ordary Level Government, Ilesha; Jola publishing. 8. Omelewa, M. A certificate History of Nigeria, Ibadan: Longman. 9. Oyediran, O Nwosu, H. Takaya, B. Anifowoshe, R, Femi, B., Godwill, O. and Adigun, A, Government for Senior Secondary Schools, Books 1, 2 and 3 Ibadan, Longman. 10. Oyeneye, I, Onyenwenu, M. and Olusunde, B. E, Round up Government for Senior Secondary school Certificate Examination: A complete Guide, Ibadan Longman. 11. Oyovbaire, S Oguna A. E. C., amucheazi, E. C., Coker, H. O. And Oshuntuyi, O. Countdown to Senior Secondary Certificate Examination: Government Ibadan: Evans. read JAMB syllabus for Government Click Here

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