List Of Alleged Fake Pastors In Nigeria And Their Crimes

There are pastors in Nigeria that are being labeled fake as a result of their actions. People who are doing things that are God hates. A man of God should not be doing things that the Bible conderms.

List Of Alleged Fake Pastors In Nigeria And Their Crimes

Is not enough to say that this pastor, that pastor is fake, know you have to back it up with fact. That is why we need to identify what makes a pastor fake.

How to identify a fake pastor?

The simple way to identify a fake pastor in Nigeria is to look at the person’s actions, and compare then contrast it with what the Bible says.

For example some of God’s command is do not steal, do not commit murder, God urges not be dishonest, honesty involves not defrauding people, but helping people selflessly.

Now some seemingly men of God are doing this things that God hates. They are dishonest defrauding their Church members of their hard-earned money that runs in millions. They are documented instances of pastors killing people, pastors committing adultery and crimes. Let us see some those.

According to the Guardian newspaper one

– Pastor of Voice of Canaan Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, Azuri-Okene, in Adavi kogi state killed a prostitute for ritual purposes the pastors name is Otaru Olusegun, he even confessed to the crime.

List Of Alleged Fake Pastors In Nigeria And Their Crimes
Caught in the act

– According to the online newspaper, a pastors was arrested for killing a 7 year old and burying the body in his house, the pastors name is Adedoyin Oyekan who is based in Lagos, he confessed and led the police to where they found the mutilated body of the young boy.

– According to Nigerian online monitor Nigerian monitor/ a pastor was caught while engaging in armed robbery, the name of the man is Pastor Isaiah (surname withheld) him and his gang has killed up to 4 policemen before they were caught.

– According to a pastor from
Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel, Adeniyi Johnson by name, was caught with human meat. Upon interrogation he said that the spirit told him to share the meat with his dying son.

When you dig deeper, you’ll find out more about these fake pastors, their names and churches including the act that made them fake. This is why one ought to be careful when attending some churches.

Now the question is how do I know real pastors in Nigeria? Is an easy question to ask but not so easy to get the answer, because any pastor you ask he or she will tell you that he is the one.

The best thing to do is to know what makes a man of God real. If you want to find counterfeit money what you need to do is to study the real money, this way when you spot the counterfeit one you’ll know. But if you study the counterfeit money how many counterfeit features will you commit to memory before you become an expert.

So we won’t say this man pastor is real, use the how to identify fake pastor and juxtapose with what a real pastor should be, the qualities he or should have, but bear in mind that no one is perfect.