6 Ways to Spot A Nearby Ghost

Some believe in the supernatural some dont, some believe that ghost exist some don’t, some believe the ghost will harm them if if see them, so they try not to do a anything to see them.

What do you believe? Will a ghost harm you or spare you? Well whether you believe in ghost or the African juju or not one thing in this life is certain, going by one man’s laws, for everything there is equal and opposite reaction to it.

Foe the fact there is good there must be evil, if there bad things there must be good things too. That’s the laws, it’s nature. Even though eventually the good will over take the bad.


1. Your room gets Cold for no reason.

2. Your pets behave strangely, like your dog starts barking for no reason, your cat runs somewhere to hide.

3. Your doors open on their own, you might think it’s breeze but sometimes this indicates something much more.

4. You start hearing whispering from no where.

5. Foot steps as if someone is coming into your room and then no one comes in.

6. Strange smell coming from no where, like a burning candle, meanwhile you don’t use candles in your house.

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Histroy of Cults in Nigerian University System

how to join illuminati online

In line with daily tips academic focus will look at the history, and nature of cults in Nigerian University System.

2 Major cult organization in Nigeria

1. Buccaneers
2. Pyrate Confraternity, aka Alora sea dogs

1. The BUCCANEERS secret cult

The Buccaneers splited from the Pyrates. The rebellion of the Thirty was led by Dr. Bolaji Carew, former provost of the lagos College of Education whose cult name is “Rica Ricardo”.

He was also the Supreme Eye or Sole Patron and Spiritual Head. The open challenge to the Sea Dogs is emblazoned in Buccaneer logo”Odas is Odas”,”A dog has a Master and the Master is a Lord”, “Blud for Blud”, etc. On its Aniversary, 1982, the Buccaneer Confraternity, Sea lords, became “Buccaneer Association of Nigeria”(BAN). By that time, the Vikings Confraternity was formed in opposition to the Sea Dogs and Sea lords.

This was as a result of the tendency by Pyrates to hound the Palm Wine Drinkers and to parade as the only “frat” in Nigeria.

In I977, for instance, the Pyrates disrupted the Convention of the Palmites at Nsukka. The fight led to disciplinary action based on the recommendations of the Afigbo Committee. Conclusions like this emerged: ¤ Between 1982-92, the implosion of secret cults took a completely different character. It became violent.

For instance while the pyrates had moved into the six old Universities before 1980, the “Buckets”, as others call the Buccaneers, moved into University of Lagos, 1973, University of Benin, 1978 and crossed the Niger into University of Calaber in 1980.

Calabar deck pioneered into University of Nigeria, 1985 and into other institutions as a part of the wildfire proliferation thereafter. Indead from 1984, Pyrates claimed to have cut off the Students wing.

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Buccaneers did so in 1987. These reactions pointed to the rapid proliferation of secret cults into all manners of institutions. Worse the indication is that more groups are forming.

For example, Security agents investigating reported cases of theft in late 1990, discovered documents of a new cult in the University of Nigeria at an embryo stage. Exhibit included:

1. The proposal of a new deadly organization called ‘CAPPA VENDETTA’

2. The draft constitution

3. The Emblem

4. The Declaration form.

Five students had completed the form. All of them were members of existing cult and were from the same community in Abia State.

This trend bothered the old groups. The Alumin wanted respectability. In BAN newsletter, of July 1987 entitled “Deck Submerge”: “due to the recent spate of embrassing, undisciplined and violent acts Deckhands. Grand Eye Council has decided to submerge all decks permanent for now.


All Galleon Masters merge desirable deckhands with fridgates as observers” BAN also attempted to use public relations techniques to create new image, which backfired as the Warri frigate protested in a letter to the Grand Eye: Alora, lords of warri frigate wish to bring to your attention, this issues. Buccaneers are well noted for their secrecy, which is our pride. But now the only secret left is the content of grand pa’s Chest.

Have we became palmites which every Tom, Harry and Dick knows their Hierarchal structure?.

Obviously, both Pyrates and Buccaneers were posturing and hiding their new identities as secret cults.

2. Pyrate Confraternity aka Sea Dogs

The Pyrate Confraternity Started out in 1952 at the University College, Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria, the group of Seven was led by professor Wole Soyinka, they percived themselves as cultural nationalists. Echoes of this grand sentiment could still be heard in the objectives of the Sea Dogs: “against moribund convention, tribalism, for humanistic ideas and comradeship and chivalry” they insisted on an African content in a White-oriented Campus.

But this halycon days soon passed by when the Buccaneers splited from them.

The key factor is that the nature of tertiary education in Nigeria changed dramatically in the decades. This article is part of the series of posts on cults in Nigeria University system

List Of Alleged Top African Presidents That Belongs To The Illuminati

This African presidents are the hottest Illuminati things, they are well known, their powers are unmatched, that is why any coup that is planned is not successful. Some have been in power long before most of their citizens were born

This African presidents are the pioneers of Illuminati in their various countries, as an Illuminati president almost all their Cabinet members are part of this Organization.

“Sell your soul, keep your body and divide half of your brain” this the mandate of the Illuminati order, all members know this. “….when you leave you fall” a very sacred warning from the Illum grand book (more later on this interesting book that shares some resemblance with the Islamic Quran and the book of Momo of the Seventh day Adventist church now Church of Christ) we managed to lay our hands on. This warning is the most feared aspect in Illuminati, because life and death depends on this warning.

Sadly some African Presidents thinking they can game the system that brought them into power decided to ignore this warning and do whatever they want to do thereby going contrary to the Ilium grand book have falling. Ask Libya’s ex president Gadaffi if you can see him.


We are going to see the list of past and present African presidents under Illuminati, those that are still active and those that has fallen including what made them fall. (for now those that are still active)

Past and present Alleged African presidents under Illuminati


1. Paul Biya – Cameroon

1982 was the day this man came into power as Cameroonian president, he joined the Illuminati in 1980, and two years later he became president. As the head of government in Cameroon he is also the head of government of Illuminati in the country, according to an insider Paul Biya and co are required to give 100 humans every year as sacrifice for him to stay in power. He is now in power for 40 years and still counting.

2. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo – Equatorial Guinea

Teo as he is fondly called in Illuminati circles has been in power as President for 35 years, although Equatorial Guinea has a multiparty system, but Teo always wins landslide victories, almost unchallenged, best example is when he won the presidency with 97 percent of the vote in 2002. He’s accused of filling his personal bank accounts with state money and spending it on luxury vehicles, foreign real estate and expensive trips across the globe. Even state media call him a national “god” and promotes the cult of Illuminati around him.
The tiny former Spanish colony country is the 13th most corrupt in the world, according to Transparency International. Almost 200 hundred humans are reported dead at the same time in one particular day every year. This is rumoured to be the handi work of Teo and co.

3. Jose Eduardo dos Santos – Angola

Another Illuminati member that is as stubborn as they come, is Eduardo, this Angolan president has won every competition he has been in. He is reportedly the wealthiest president on the continent, worth around $20 billion, which he gained through giving himself stakes in state-owned companies and transferring public funds to his personal bank accounts. This is all possible because he is a member of the Illuminati President for 35 years,

4. Yoweri Museveni, Uganda:

Museveni joined the Illuminati in 1979 when he wanted to topple the ruthless dictator Idi Amin and was a prominent figure in the civil war that followed. Supported by the Order his National Resistance Movement, the military wing of the National Resistance Party, came out victorious and he’s ruled the country ever since. He helped kickstart economic growth and stability following the civil war, but his party’s military force grew increasingly violent. The years long fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels has both bolstered his power in the country and helped keep Uganda from flourishing. He has ruled for 28 years.

5. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

Mugabe was the Prime Minister, then president, for 34 years. His rule began in 1980 after the guerrilla movement he led, ZANU-PF, managed to upend white-minority rule in what was then called Rhodesia. He soon descended into authoritarianism. The Zimbabwean economy has performed disastrously since he came to power. He has seized properties and violently cracked down on the opposition with torture and unlawful arrests. Why are Zimbabwens keeping quiet? Many have tried to stop him but can’t because the Illuminati power that is protecting him is of the high order.

Note: This is just conspiracy theory, nothing is confirmed here. You may take it as a joke.

Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda Exposed

Some pastors has been alleged to be part of this secret organization. Though this allegation is not 100 percent confirmed, but we see evidence of why people are saying what there saying on their numerous scandals.
Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda
Each pastor on this list has one or two bad thing that a man of God should not do hanging on their necks. This scandals are what the Illuminati Order are known for.
So who are this Ugandan pastors?

1. Pastor Robert Kayanja 

Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda  Pastor Robert Kayanja
The hand sign is thought to be Illuminati.
One of the richest pastors in the country and even in Africa, this man was not born rich, he was born poor suddenly he become rich.
The pastor wears designer suits, lives in a fabulous mansion overlooking Lake Victoria and preaches about wealth.
It is said that the order told him to be gay as a means of retaining his power and riches. This is why he is always involved in any high profile gay cases.
Church : Miracle Centre Cathedral  

2. Pastor Imelda Namutebi


Pastor Imelda Namutebi - Top 5 Illuminati Pastors In Uganda
An Illuminati symbol.


One of the top female pastors in the country, she has money, fame at least in Uganda. But then she doesn’t have happiness.
People say that the reason she remains unmarried for long is because she was told by the Order not to, so instead of marrying she should engage in adultery. Her scandals rarely gets out to the public, but others like her senior pastor’s scandals who she alleges encourages to be like her often gets exposed to the public, she will then deny it.
Church : Liberty Worship Center.

3. Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe

Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe
Tom Mugerwa Matundwe is one man that is known for his activities. Locals says his preaching and teaching is about demons, in support of demons that is.
At face value it may seem that Pastor Tom is just the regular preacher that preaches about wealth and riches, but if you dig deeper and listen attentively you will see that the routes he wants people to take in getting this riches is through satanic means.

4. Pastor Minani 

Pastor Minani - Iluminati
Accused of high profile homosexuality, they said that is the price the Order asked him to pay in other to continue living a life of luxury and gaining more followers.
So in a nutshell Pastor Minani has the objective of making people his members, turning them to being Gay. It doesn’t matter whether one is male or female.
Church : Mbuya Pentecostal Church

5. Apostle Aloysius Bugingo


Well things people do for money and power. Going by what people are this man’s own is a bit extreme, he was told to contact HIV, and live with it.
So they say his office and houses are littered with anti retro-viral drugs. It has also been rumored that he sleeps with people without protection in other to pass the ‘gift’.
Church : House of Prayer Bat valley