How to get clients on Instagram for Yahoo

Instagram is the real deal, you don’t even have to be that bothered about blocking your account as you can create upto 5 account with one ip, that is one phone or laptop.

Yes, you can do whatever you need to do with those profiles, including pitching your business with it. Here are the various steps to follow in other to get sure rich client on Instagram.

How to get rich Instagram client

First make sure you’ve loaded your Instagram profile really well. Upload a minimum of 14 pictures showing different places or situations, and if possible some videos.

Type these harshtags

#emiratesairline : Clicking on this harshtag will give you rich people contact, you’ll get both Rich Arab and rich Americans, inshort you’ll see rich men and women from all walks of life.

#expriencefrance: Many rich tourist are all going to many cities in France, from Paris to Montpelier, you’ll get to meet different people from different backgrounds.

Use these pages

Dailydonaldjohntrump: Despite Trump losing the election, he still has die hard supporters, even though this account is not the official Donald trump Page, this page still has about 3M loyal followers, and one thing about this followers they will do anything for what they believe in, so if they believe in you, you’ll bank real hard. Just make sure to work them with a white account, because most of them hate blacks.

Kuwaitmeet: If you want to get rich arab women or men, what better country to meet them than going to Kuwait meet up page on Instagram. Here you’ll get to see and intaract with rich men and women that has Kuwait background. You can get Arab client from the following countries cum Pages.

  1. UAE
  2. Jordan
  3. Saudi Arabia.
  4. Kuwait

Just search those countries meet up on Instagram, you should get them on those pages.

Widows and widowers: This is another powerful keyword to search for, once you’re in this corner, you get to see many women looking for love, or men looking for love, these women are in different countries, the problem is there is no way to automatically filter them out, you have to access them on your own.

Search for follow insurance companies

Some top insurance companies with rich followers are

1. Gaberlife insurance company

2. Prime insurance company

You can also search for other foreign insurance companies in the following countries





And other countries.

Once you have those you can now go haunting for client to sell whatever it is you want to sell or bill whoever you want to bill.

Check this video to see exactly how you can search and follow this rich individuals on Instagram.


Check out detailed YouTube video

Guest post by Chris the bomber.

How to get client on Facebook for Yahoo

How to get client on Facebook for Yahoo

Opinion piece by- Chris the bomber

First of all, Facebook is the biggest platform out there. You can meet anyone you want to meet in any country you want. But for Yahoo, you need specific countries and age groups.

Check the stats

  • Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 2.50 billion
  • Total Number of Mobile Active Users: 2.26 billion
  • Total Number of Desktop Active Users: 1.47 billion
  • Total number of Mobile Daily Active Users: 1.59 billion.

You have billions of targets already.

But the question is how do you meet cool and rich friends?

It’s simple to target some countries.

List of countries to Target on Facebook

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Uk
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Finland

On Facebook, there are two main sure ways to meet people from the above countries

Through FB pages

Yea, great persons can be found here. For example, it’s a known fact that many people interested in luxurious items can afford them, and if they can afford them they are rich or comfortable.

So what you wanna do is to hop on to Facebook and search for these pages.

JamesEdition – It’s a website that sells high-end luxurious items. Each person that follows this page is a good todo.
Just check on the comment and like the section to find the client.


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How To Easily Join Illuminati in Nigeria

Other pages are

duPont Registry: This is a registry for the super-rich, a poor or struggling person can not have any interest in this.

Through FB groups

Berkshire Hathaway group (not the pages though) :

Chairman is President and CEO, Warren Buffett. If you’re thinking of buying shares of this company, you need to either be super-rich or have time-traveling capabilities. Yes, last we checked the price of one share was around $1,97,500.00. Most of the shareholders are in this group.

You can search for other groups and pages that have a large number of comfortable people from the above countries. Just make friends with them, don’t see them as your client, you need to see them as friends.

This way it can be easy to get close to them and make them do what you may need them to do. It’s that easy and simple.