List OF Courses Offered In FRCN Training School

The Federal radio coperation of Nigeria Africa’s biggest radio channel
FRCN the Training School arm is now organizing Training for students in
various courses. Both for part time and full time courses.


List OF Courses Offered In FRCN Training School

Founded in 1957, the FRCN Training School has a reputable track record
of training broadcasters who have gone on to excel in the industry
locally and internationally.

Located near the GRA, Ikeja Lagos,the School’s courses are open to
FRCN staff, public, State and commercial broadcaster stations as well  as private individuals. There are also short courses that cater for
outsiders. Such courses include speech and voicer training presentation and writing skills for institutions and companies. Of high demand are the journalism, presentation, and production courses.

List courses and Department im FRCN Training School

Information Technology
Digital Studio Management
General Studies
Production – Visual, Audio and script.


For Basic Courses, Candidates must have the School Certificate like West Africa school certificate or its
equivalent with Five (5) Credits including English Language.

Practicing professionals in relevant fields can also apply.

There is no provision for accommodation, prospective students will have to make arraignment for accommodation before the training starts.

At the end of the Training you’ll be certified (a diploma is often given) by the Federal Government through the Federal radio Corporation of Nigeria. This certificate can enable you work in various media houses like Radio and TV stations and many other places that require your skills and knowledge.

How to Apply For FRCN Training School

1. Visit their website as at

2. Read up the information there, including the address and location of the training school.

3. Here you’ll get all the phone numbers and email address for various departments including the training department, send them an email or call through those numbers.

3. For more infomation like school fees, certificate worth etc call Mrs Aganoke, Patricia.N………….08056176737 OR
Mr Aliyu…………08055590479 (This numbers may no longer work)

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Note: Pregnant and nursing mother are not encouraged to apply. There applications are offten rejected.

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