Take The Illuminati Interview

Here is how you can quickly and easily join the Illuminati brotherhood directly without going through the process of payment.
You just have to take and pass this Illuminati test/interview.

About the Illuminati test

The Illuminati test is now a key process for recruiting commoners. This is will soon rule out agents both real and the numerous fake agents that are collecting money for retirement purposes.
This means with this test, you no longer have to
– Pay money
– Wait endlessly to get approved
But one major drawback
  • – This Illuminati test is not easy to pass.
This test, test your basic understanding of the Illuminati order. Is an interview that if you pass you’re well on your way to joining the great order.

About the interview

The interview is in two parts. You have to pass them, to be granted temporary membership pending when you finish up with the required sacrifices.
Each question is timed.
  1. It tests your knowledge of the Illuminati basics.
  2. You have to pass about 90% to move on.
  3. You only get the chance to try once each day.

Things you’ll need

  1. A computer or smartphone
  2. A stable internet connection ( a slow internet connection may not open all the questions.)

Join the Illuminati Interview or Read more below


How do I know that I’m selected?
At the end of the interview, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll input your email and name. Further communications will be done through those means.
Do I pay any money?
You don’t pay a dime, as we have already settled the various media platforms that will host this interview. Any media platforms (websites) that ask you for money please report them.
How do I get started?
Get started by visiting this link to take part in the interview.

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