The University of football

This article shows the inter-relationship of football,it traces what I
term the University of football, that is the under 17, under 20, under
23 to the Senior National teams.
When FIFA established the under 17(formerly under 16) which held it's
first tournament in 1985, the FIFA under 17 world cup is for players
under the age limit of 17, Nigeria is the most successful nation in
the tournament's history, with three titles and three runner ups,
followed by Brazil with three titles and two runner ups. This age
group competition serves as an Elementary or Primary stage of
football, it helps young players gain some experience and to prepare
them to face the next stage that is the under 20.
The FIFA under 20 is the world championship of football for Male and
Female players under the age of 20, the first tournament was held in
Tunisia 1917. Argentina is the most successful team with six titles
followed by Brazil. Like the Primary stage, this Under 20 which also
can be called the Secondary stage of football,in this hierachical
Chronology of football as regards to their stages, the under 20's
helps the players from the Elementary to develop, it also gives them
better experience which will better support their development.
From the Elementary to to the Secondary from the Secondary to What?
That void was filled when the Olympic under 23 football tournament
started in 1992 that is when age limit was established. The under 23
football tournament is the University proper, where players gain the
full experience and development needed to graduate with degress to the
main Senior national teams which is the climax of their studies.

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