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the christianity God

We have many churches today, such churches claims to worship the same God-from the Roman catholics, Apostalic, Assemblies of God Church and Anglicans to other lesser known churches in Africa and beyond like Winners chapel, Kumiyi’s Deeper life, Chosen and the popular prophet T.B Joshua’s church this churches all have something in common, what is it you may ask? The answer is quite obvious they all claim to believe and worship one God.

What makes them Christians?

All over the world from big cities like London and Moscow in Europe to Nairobi and Abuja in Africa back to Florida and Ontario in America there are many christians going to different churches but really what makes them christians? Generally a christian is one who believes in Jesus Christ, goes to church, observes what the holy Bible says and finally puts all things learnt into practice.

“taking in knowledge of God and Jesus christ—John 17 vs 3” “All scripture is inspired of God and beneficial to all–2 Timothy–Two things that makes a Christian_Daily African Tips

In order to become a complete christian it’s required you believe in God and Jesus, you also believe in the Bible and you do what it says.

Who then is the Christianity God

A God is regarded as the highest being, who has super-human powers and can forsee the future enough to be called the highest diviner.

Actually is it what God really is especially the Christianity God? Does the Christianity God have a name? Yes the Christianity God has a personal name just like everyone does, just like my name is Tim and my title is “a Blogger”, God’s name is Jehova (Psalms 83 vs 18-new world &king James ) and his titles are God and all other things like Lord, most high etc. Jehova as he’s called has many qualities which includes love, Justice, Power and Wisdom. He’s not just only a super-human he’s the creator of humans, he’s not only the highest diviner he’s the only one and as such the title “most high” he shows it by physically creating the heavens and the earth, the heavens as his abode, the earth for humans like you and I.

If you’re a christian reading this be happy that you are serving a God that has this qualities and power, try as much as possible to continue serving him and doing his will. If you’re not a christian well you are missing out of the wonderful benefit having someone like the Christianity God would bring in your life.

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