Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

When you talk about Illuminati pastors in Kenya, you talk about the latest gist one of the hottest gists in Kenya this year is the Illuminati which people allege that their activities have been in top gear as they are preparing for the 10th anniversary of the order in Kenya.

Well, we don’t know true that is as they say everything they do are secret, so how then you know the truth if everything is kept secret by the order.
What I do know is that the internet and indeed the gossip and gist section in Kenya is agog with this purported celebration, and some top pastors in Kenya are being fingered as the arrowheads of the Illuminati order. These pastors are alleged to be among the Illuminati Pastors in Kenya.
They have churches in major cities in the country, their churches can be found in
  • Mumbasi
  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret
And various other smaller cities in the country. Let’s get to the top Illuminati Pastors in Kenya, but before we do let’s see how Illuminati in this country operates.

About Illuminati In Kenya

When it comes to Illuminati and how they operate in Kenya no one can actually say they know who they go about their business, as they try to keep everything secret, some say they have their headquarters in some remote area of Kehancha in Migori city. While some say they-they have two major places of operations in Kenya one in Mombasa the other Kehancha.
The truth is Illuminati Operations worldwide is based on the two-places mode. A shrine and a meeting place, each should be in different places. It is so in South Africa, same with Uganda, so there is no denying the fact that the same thing may be true with Kenya.
If they are celebrating their anniversary look at for things that are not in order in your neighborhood, if you notice higher cases of missing persons, death and people dashing money or suddenly being generous know that something might soon be happening in your city as that is their modus opera.

Top Richest Illuminati pastors In Kenya

1. Pastor Alan Kiuna

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya
Here is a man many Kenya’s allege that he is a great man in the order. Pastor Alan hasn’t helped his case though as he gets into lots of controversies every now and then.  Of recent is the turning his church to a market place where all things are done, some even allege that his church is a front for prostitution.
In 2018 popular rumor has it he has been appointed into the grand order of the Illuminati.
Church: Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC)

2. Bishop Thomas Wahome

Thomas Wahome

If you’re in the country and you haven’t heard things good or bad about Bishop Thomas then you are sleeping since. His story is everywhere.

He was rumored to have his own book of Life where he can add or remove your name, you can also pay to have him check whether your name is in the book of Life or (book of Illuminati)

Church:  Helicopter of Christ Church

3. Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya
Thomas Wahome

It was alleged that Pastor James early 2019 knocked down a woman and killed her with his black SUV, after which he disappeared into thin air leaving the SUV there for the police to impound.

They say he may soon be left off the hook as the Police chief is one their member.

Church: Neno Evangelism Center

4. Brother Kamlesh Pattni

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

Pastor Brother Kamlesh better know as Brother Pat is generally known as one of the richest Illuminati Pastors in Kenya, as he owns many things money can buy, his properties both private and public are numerous.

He has investments in various cities like Mombasa, Nairobi and in the Maasai Mara National Park.

Church: National reconciliation

5. Pastor David Owor

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

People say Pastor Owor is a legend, his legendary status in Illuminati cannot be questioned, some say he is one of the most senior pastors in the Order as he joined when he was relatively unknown.

Yeah, people often accuse him of being responsible for various missing persons in his neighborhood. They say he has political ambition.

Church: Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church

6. Pastor Maina Njenga

Top Alleged Illuminati Pastors in Kenya

The good hitter, known in the order’s inner circle as the hitter, this is because of his ability to be able to hit opponents bad and where it hurts the most.

Some say he is behind the numerous unsolved murders in Kitengela where his church is mainly based.

Church: Hope International Ministries.

Here you have them, the above list remain unconfirmed though.

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