Top Best Music Record Labels In Ghana

Music is a big thing in Africa today, musical artists are viewed in awe like their soccer counterparts, and music record labels are part of the business of music. In view of this here is a list of top record labels in Ghana west Africa.

top record label in Ghana

1. Lynx Entertainment

Lynx Entertainment is a Ghanaian based music record label founded in 2006 by producer, singer, and songwriter Richie Mensah

The record label is responsible for many music hits, notable among them is a song done the artist namely Richie, ASEM, OJ Blaq, Eazzy and Zigi collaborated on Africa’s Moment, which was featured on Hello Afrika, Sony Music’s release in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Also their song was used during the Ghana presidential election

Artists in Lynx Entertainment

Name and Year signed

Richie 2006
2. ASEM 2006
3. OJ Blaq 2006
4. Irene Logan 2007
5. Eazzy 2009
6. Zigi 2010

2. Arizonal Music Group

This is another Ghanian record label that’s new in the mix, already they’ve produced many songs and are always on the look out for new talented music artist.

Artists in Arizonal Music Records.

There are 3 artist currently on AMG, Their names are, Sylvia, El Hardy and J.Nino

Others are

3. Family Tree Entertainment

ADDRESS- P.O. Box OS 249 Osu , Accra, Ghana

4. Soul Records

AddressAccra Contact M024 4327270 F030 2773094 E
Type of Business *.Media & Communication / Audio & Video / Music Management & Promotion
*.Business Services / Promotions & Exhibitions / Music Management & Promotion

Including Skillions records, Freedom Family Entertainment, and Kojo Antwi’s label,

Popular Ghanian artists like Sarkodie, R2bees and Odg Fuse, as is the case with their Nigerian counterparts has their own little record labels that caters for their own individual needs. They are record labes in a sense since their albums goes through them, it has their brand record stamped on the CD covers, they are small nonetheless because they cater for a single person

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