Top Consequences Of Joining Illuminati

Much of the consequences of joining the the Order was highlighted in the bad side of Illuminati you should do well to read it.
 Top Consequences Of Joining Illuminati
However we will see the consequences when one become a member, there are good and bad consequences. 
Lets look at them summary
The good side consist of what you may already know.
i. Money and wealth
ii. Fame and popularity
iii. Power and 
iv. Success in any and every thing.
That is for the good side, let us talk about the bad side
i. No peace of mind
ii. Constant rituals
iii. Untimely death
iv. Lots of sacrifices
v. Killing of relatives and close friends and family.
vi. Horrifying and graphic bad things being done.
vii. Losing approval of God.
viii. Forced to do things, and many other things.

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