Top Satanic Illuminati Churches In South Africa

Illuminati have come to stay in Africa, and the Southern part of Africa is not left, As there have been lots of souls joining up. Before recruitment used to be done by individuals charged by the Illuminati to do so, it is no longer so now, as recruitment is now done by churches.
Top Illuminati Churches In South Africa
Shephered Bushiri

This is quiet pronounced in South African. In light of this here are the top Illuminati churches in South Africa. 
Note: It is true this list may not properly reflect the churches in South Africa and the extent of their involvement in South Africa. But it goes a long covering them.

1. Zion Christian Church ZCC

ZCC is well known in South Africa. Zion Christian Church in full also named in Chinese ‘I Satan, Collect & destroy’ by the Illuminati order. ZCC has three leaders but the most prominent is ‘Barnabas Lekganyane’ who has millions of members in SA.  

ZCC secret was revealed by Pastor Mbatha aka ‘The Man of Secrets’, Pastor Mbhatha stayed in the church for two years and seven months in preparation to be a sangoma, though he later stopped his association with them when he realized what they were doing. After reveling such secrets Pastor Mbatha  vanished, no one knows where he is now.

2. Enlightened Christain Gathering Church, ECG 

ECG is owned by Shephered Bushiri who many believe went to the Illuminati for powers to perform miracles. They gave him the power with some tough conditions attached to it. Some time ago he failed to meet this conditions hence his powers was taken from him. That was when we started to hear reports of him paying people to act as if he performed real miracles on them, while it is fake.

3. International Pentecost Holiness Church

If not for death of the founder no one would have known that Illuminati have crept in to this church.
Right now there are two groups battling for the soul of this church. While one faction wants the church to break this evil York, the other side side wants to hand over the church back to the Illuminati order, to avoid further death.

4. Tyrannus Apostolic Church

This Church caused a stir when pictures of there deliverance went viral, you need to see what Apostle Mokoena uses snake as if it is the symbol of his church, well it is. Well at least his own membership he is not hiding, in the words of Zoda of Star wars Illumianti is him, and I say he is Illuminati.
It is also rumored that it is in one of his branches that this child wedding took place.
Top Illuminati Churches In South Africa

5. Nazareth Baptist Church

Pastor Shembe needs no introduction, the founder of  Nazareth Baptized Church is  young in the Illuminati order. Yes he may be well known in SA, but he joined up recently. In the coming months he is going to fully unleash, the stuff  he is made of. If you think that his church is booming, wait until the end of next year. He may even overtake TB Joshua of Nigeria.

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