Top List Of Ever Popular Nigerian Music

The Naija music revelation continues with some major popular hits, I’m really amazed at the impact this music are having in Nigeria and Africa in general, pick this music any time any day and it will outrank any average songs in Ghana, South Africa and many other close competitors. The amazing thing about this is that most of this songs were not even produced recently, I’m not on talking about the new era of Davido, Whizkid and so many other kids in the music industry I’m also talking about music that are as far back as the ones done by the likes of Bright Chimezie, Fela Kuti snr, even to the more mordenized hits like done by gospel artists Buchi, Sammy Okpuso, P.square old good songs like get squared and Bizzy Body, Ruggedman and Idris songs etc.

below are the top most popular Nigerian music for this year as shown by downloads on different downloading sites like Naijaloaded, waptrick, 360nobs etc.

This songs are broken down to genre, with different categories, ranging from Nigerian Christian/Gospel songs, Nigerian Hip hop and Dance hall music, Pop, Rap, R n B to some traditional and Juju songs. They are not actually in particular order, which my number 1 could be your number 2 and also my number 2, there are no first, second any song that made it to list is worth it’s weight and truely it’s as a reflection of listeners interest, downloads and most mentioned/searched both in Bing/Yahoo and Google, including mentions in major forums like Nairaland, etc. It means readers/listeners like you get to call the short we only do the typing.

Click on those links to reveal the top always best evergreen Naija music songs no year timeline, no barrier, no sound quality factor just an average Nigerian powered list. The mechanics loves, Barbers too, barrow pushers, okada/bus drivers too, Prof/Authors loves, both the rich and the poor this is the list that brings every one to the same pedestal a list that bridges the social class barrier.

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