Top Shocking Extreme Weight Loss Methods Unbelievable

Top Shocking Extreme Weight Loss Methods
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You think that eating Tapeworms is the only thing people do to lose weight? Well obviously not, there are some shocking crazy things that people do for weight management.

Obesity is such an issue that people are afraid of it, this big issue cuts across both genders, whether it is a male or a female no one is spared the backlash and negativity that often comes from being overly fat.

In a world where six packs for guys and slim fit for females are cherished, the people outside this are looked at a second time, and then for the ‘fatites’, it seems that there is no room for people that are fat, they are just being tolerated.

For some people exercise won’t do it, cutting back food intake won’t do it, taking drugs and supplement doesn’t work, they then decide to go the extreme, doing some crazy things that will make the average guy tremble.

Here is list of some shocking things fat people were known to do

1. Eating Tapeworms

This is no secret as lately stories of people that did this are going viral. This is a process where People buy either a live tapeworm or one that is packaged in form of a tablet and swallows it whole.

But does this Tapeworm intake reduce fat?

There are a few different kinds of tapeworms, but it is the Tapeworms that are found in beefs called Taenia, that is usually used in these sorts of quick weight-loss schemes.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, advertisements touted “easy to swallow,” “sanitized tape worms” as a weapon against fat – “the ENEMY that is shortening your life,” as one old ad recently showcased by the National Women’s History  Museum’s website.

More recently, reports surfaced that dieters in  Hong Kong were swallowing tapeworms to lose weight. And in 2009, Tyra Banks did an episode  of her talk showing where she interviewed women who said they would be willing to swallow a tapeworm if it really meant they could lose weight. And then there is this report about an Iowa women that swallowed Tapeworm.

The truth is Tapeworms can make someone lose weight, as it is a parasite that depends on what you eat to survive. But it has side effects, if the worm isn’t killed, it could grow up 2.2m and kill the host.

2. Fasting

Our christian friends know how this works, after all Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. While no human could possibly go without food for 40 days, some have tried.

As crazy as it seems some have starved them self long enough to lose some pounds, Although this is not easy some will rather do it than face the reality of constantly being reminded of how fat they are.

Does this work?

Technically if you don’t eat you wont become fat, and the fat you have will not be there if you don’t maintain it by eating. So it works, it is just that this is so difficult to be practical, imagine going without meal 70% of the time, that is plain torture and no sane human will like to do that to him or self. Ulcer can take you over if you insist.

3. Drinking Urine

Perhaps the crazy of the craziest lol, but it is amazing the extent people can go in order to accomplish what they want.

Drinking urine has the fancy name of hCG diet, forget the fancy grammar here is what hCG diet is all about, dieters inject themselves with a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. This was very was popular in the 1960s and 70s, although it is somewhat gross it still doesn’t stop it from experiencing resurgence in recent years.

It’s easy to make light of extreme dieting strategies, but if a person is so desperate to lose weight they’re tempted to try something as horrific as inviting a 30-foot worm to take up residence inside their intestines — well something bigger might be at work here.

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