Top South African Illuminati Gospel Singers Revealed

SA have a lot of singers especially ones that are in the music industry, which include gospel aspect of music.

Unfortunately there are musicians,Gospel musicians who are seemingly part of Illuminati entertainment branch in South Africa.

This singers have been seen to do something that a child of God who sings praises to him, shouldn’t been doing. of course left to them it will still remain secret, but when God wants to expose you… any way check out this list of seemingly Illuminati gospel members in South Africa.

1. Lundi Tyamara

Top South African Illuminati Gospel Singers Revealed
Lyndi Tyamara used to be a humble and charming lady, but when she joined up, she completely changed. It is alleged that sacrifice is required of her every year, and this sacrifice is in form of her sleeping with married men.

2. Sechaba Pali 

When Sechaba Pali was being called out because of rqpe, people thought it was a joke, until it blew out of proportion. It is no joke because rèpe is serious and true Gospel Singer shouldn’t do that. Granted he may have been charged to do what he did.

3. Dube 

You might have heard about Dube and his wife, where he said that his wife always beats him, He also said that he  lost his left ear courtesy of his wife. This seemingly started when he stopped sacrificing required things for the Illuminati order. So they decided to punish him by using his wife against him.

4. Sfiso Ncwane

Top South African Illuminati Gospel Singers Revealed

Well Safiso Ncwane is one Gospel singer many respect in the country, But what people might not know is the extent of his involvement with the order, ever since he decided to step back from the order he has been facing persecutions and trials. 

5. Jabu Hlongwane

Top South African Illuminati Gospel Singers Revealed

We all know this man and his capabilities, his assignment from the order is to sleep with peoples wives. That was how he took Kuki the wife of Thulani Mncube, But he failed to conceal it, that was why it blew and everyone became aware.

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