Warning! Lindaikeji Blogspot Bad Or Good?

If you’re reading this then I assume you know Linda and her blog, I take it you’ve gone through the blog and its contents, armed with that I expect you’ve come to the conclusion of what the blog is all about, is so easy to come to this conclusion infact even a 10 year old kid can do it. If you’ve done the above, particularly drawing a conclusion about her blog, congrats! You know the blog named Lindaikeji blogspot.

Now why I’m I warning you? Is there anything about Linda as a person and Lindaikeji.blogspot as a brand/blog/business outfit, you need to know? Something to be careful of? Well there is! Don’t be shell-shocked or suprised afterall there is always a skeleton in every celeb’s cupboard. Whether it’s good or bad it’s left for you to decide. Before we delve in, let us look at Linda and her blog Lindaikeji.blogspot.com

About Linda Ikeji a brief history

Some call her the failed model, (due to her modeling carear being unsucessful), while others call her the super blogger, indead she is known by a variety of name, my favourite being “Ugossiper” i.e unique gossiper a nickname that illustrates her online gossip ablity, it’s remarkable how gossiping seems to come naturally to her, unique no doubt because of how she uses it to make money, earning what many can’t dream of, a feat even some big time models can’t achieve.

Linda whose full names are Linda Ngozi Ikeji, she hails from South East Nigeria, likely an Igbo girl, with Ikeji being the family/surname. She started blogging in 2006 I think, slowly but steadly adding short post to her blog, gossiping about the entertainment industry in Nigeria, America and beyond.

Linda and Why you should beware

To my first paragraph, I’m sure your conclusion back then, especially if that is your first visit to Lindaikeji.blogspot.com is “it’s an entertainment blog, that is gossip based”, note the word gossip, look it up in the dictionary if it’s handy, you’ll likely understand that the word gossip is often associated with things that are untrue, things you won’t tell the subject of that gossip face to face, although in some case which is very rare some gossips prove to be true. This is where you need to beware and exercise caution whenever you’re reading anything from Lindaikeji’s blog. Sadly most readers don’t know the difference between a gossip and a proven fact, as such they tend to mix them up, to them anything read online is true, anything read on Lindaikej’s blog is true, despite the ever present gossip feel to the post.

So if you’re guilty of consuming this entertainment gist posted on Lindaikeji, without verifying whether it’s true, you should stop, always do a verification of anything written on that blog before moving off and telling your friends, classmate, workmates and family, otherwise you might be made fool of. In this blog any gist is possible, you can even read such crazy stories like “Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan is taking a second wife” “First Lady Patience Jonathan’s English is pathetic–Wole Soyinka” etc. Don’t just believe them without verification. Atleast search two or more serious websites to see whether the story is there, you might start with informantionng. Before you talk make sure of what you’re about to say, otherwise you might just end up in court.

The blog can be a great source of top celebility news, which are fun to read, believe me I’m one of her readers, but while reading, read with one eye, Just look before you leap otherwise you might leap into trouble.

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