West African Examination Councils what is the problem again? G.C.E?

Waec an International Examination body which conducts four

categories of examinations: International Examinations such as the

WASSCE, SC/GCE 0/Level and the HSC/GCE A/Level; National Examinations

such as the Senior School Certificate, Technical, Business Studies,

and Common Entrance Examinations. A body which does all that cannot

release an examination which was taken since October what a pity the

delay in G.C.E examination result is causing many 9ja Students pains,

Students who are anxiously waiting for the result in order to complete

their admission process or to do one thing or another with it, can't

because the Almighty WAEC has refused to release it.

WAEC what is the problem? Release the result now before guys vex o! I

don talk my own

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