What every JAMB candidates needs to know

So now you have scaled the huddle, and you believe you’ll pass, or you are a newbie who is seriously considering taking JAMB in the near future. Whatever you may be, whichever category you might find yourself you still need to know what every JAMB candidates needs to know about JAMB before entering campus or university

what do JAMB candidates need to know?

1. Their mode of marking. Many rumors are abound that JAMB has changed their mode of marking, that is to say if a candidate leaves his/her paper type given in the question paper and shade another paper type, they will mark it wrong. Ex. Paper type A is given to Iyke in his question paper on Maths and he leaves it and shades answers to paper B on maths.

What if you or any other JAMB candidate happens to among?

The goodnews, be rest assured JAMB has not changed their mode of marking, come to think of it, on a candidates question paper is their any where their names or center numbers are written? No, so dont fret.

Ask yourself.

On my question paper is their anywhere my names and center numbers are written?was their any incident where their was a shortage of JAMB question paper, and some candidate are told to share with others? Or collect from some one?
2. Nigerian Federal Universities admits only first choice candidates. This is the in-tin now, infact some people has it that Federal universities only admit candidates who picked their school as their first choice, in view of too many candidates and very few universities and the admin quota factors.

what about does who picked Federal universities as their second choice?

The goodnews, yes it is possible for a candidate to get admitted to a university he picked as second choice. It is also possible for a candidate to get double admission, that is both first choice and second choice.

ask yourself.

What if I get 260 in JAMB and I picked E. Enginerring as course and I scored 75-80percent in post utme, PUME out of 100percent I happened to choose the university as my second choice,will I get admitted?

Yes you will, infact some candidates has scored less and still got admitted, why not you? If they didn’t you have the right to sue them, or tell me.

3. Change of course and school. Every JAMB candidate knew that it is not possible to change course, university,college of education or poly in JAMB after the candidate must have written his or her exam. However their are some who may wish to change course or institution, because of many factors. It is now possible to change that, all you have to do is pay a little processing money directly to the people who will do it for you email me chimatim@gmail.com or com lets chat on 2go Timothy751,gtalk chimatim.

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4. Post UTME/aptitude test questions. Despite the hitches experienced in obtaining past questions on Pume, we have finally obtained it. It will be made available soon.

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