When Should I Quit School?

Some students are just tired of going to school, some times they just wish they could quit. Here are some comment which you could relate to “sometimes I’d get so stressed out that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I’d think, ‘Why do I need to go to school and learn things that I’m never going to use?’ ” ”Many times I’ve been tired of school and just wanted to drop out and get a job. I’ve felt that school was doing me no good and that I would rather be getting paid for my time. Some may be because of too much homework! Others may be the issue of fitting in as a result of being all alone. Have you faced similar challenges? If so, what situation has made you want to quit school? Maybe you are now seriously planning on quitting. How, though, can you tell if you’re leaving because it’s time to do so or because you are just sick of school and want out? To answer that, let’s know what it means to quit school. Leaving or Quitting? How would you describe the difference between leaving school and quitting school? Did you know that in some countries it’s normal for a youth to graduate after between five and eight years of instruction? In other lands, students are expected to stay in school for at least ten years. So, there is no set age or grade that applies to everyone equally around the world. However, if you’re thinking of ending your school career before you graduate either regular school or school at home you need to ask yourself the following questions: 1. What does the law require? 2. Have I achieved my educational goals? 3. What are my motives for quitting school? It is when you have the answers for this question you’ll now have a clearer understanding of why school is important. What’s Wrong With Quitting School? Quitting school is like jumping off a train before you reach your destination. The train may be uncomfortable, and the passengers unfriendly. But if you leap from the train, you obviously will not reach your destination and will likely cause yourself serious injury. Similarly, if you quit school, you may not reach your educational goals and you will cause yourself both immediate and long term problems such as: getting a job. In the case of immediate problems, while long term problems may include, having poor health, ending up in prison, and rely on social welfare programs. Benefits of Not Quitting School If you’ve just failed a test or had a difficult day at school, you might want to give up, any future problems may seem insignificant compared with your present grind. But consider this inspired words ”Better is the end afterward of a matter than its beginning. Better is one who is patient than one who is haught in spirit.” So rather than quit, patiently work through the problems you face at school. If you do, you will find that the end afterward will be much better for you. So having said that students and soon to be what is it gonna be? Well answer that yourself.

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