Where is Sample Ekwe Nigeria’s Reggae Man

sample Ekwe where is hae

Like African music is growing many musicians are being left behind to balance the equation that is. A particular case is that of one Nigerian his names Sample Ekwe who the industry has overtaken, I’ll want to quickly add though it’s not only him and it’s not only Nigerians, it’s like that all over Africa from Ghana, to South Africa, Ethopia to Kenya even other parts of the world like US and UK artists are being left behind. Well it’s no body’s fault other than themselves they make the decisions which makes or mars their music carears. In the light of truth it’s their faults.

Sample Ekwe history and Profile

Name: Sunday Ekwe (Sample Ekwe)
Nationality: Nigeria
Genre: Reggae.

Full names Sunday Ekwe also known as Sample Ekwe a name taken from his brand of music, Reggae style that infuses sample instrument. He is a Delta state indigene Warri in particular, both he made it in music at Lagos.

Sample is responsible for such hit music that rocked Nigeria and Africa in what seemed ages, but it’s actually years ago. Such hits are
1. Ceuciman
2. E Dey Pain Me Gaga
Osuokolo Dance
Sample Ekwe
I Gat Jesus

It’s queasy but the last time Sample made the news was in 2012 where he was involved in an ugly scandal, it was alleged he strangled and killed his girlfriend Idris in her Honda Civic car on April 13, 2012.

Now is Sample Ekwe dead? Is he in prison? Or has he given up? Questions begging for answers.

another example is Sky B where is he now if you are wondering what happened to him then read that.

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