Why things are so expensive in Nigeria


2. Little to no local productivity (we don’t even refine our crude)

3. A large percentage of our HUGE population is unemployed based on (2) above.

4. The generally unfavorable regional and global financial and security situation.

5. Corruption and dishonesty in dealing with ourselves. The best example of this is how we can’t even account for the utilisation of the fuel we import daily with billions of hard earned and limited USD earnings.

6. Localised insecurity resulting directly and indirectly from all of the above.

In conclusion, a country where the Army is on internal security operations in almost ALL the states is surely experiencing shocks that surpass economic instability. Never mind the obvious repercussions of this fact, some of which I have enumerated.

Does Japan share the same problems? Maybe some, but surely not at our level for the few they may have.

May God protect and keep us all in this country

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