Why You Don’t Need Internet Access to Browse Wikipeadia Articles

Why You Don't Need Internet Access to Browse Wikipeadia Articles

Yes you don’t need internet access to access Wikipeadia reason? Wikepeadia is piloting Article via Text Message Service.

The online encyclopaedia is piloting the first sms article directory. That’s a service that sends articles via text message, primarily aimed at users in Africa. Wikipeadia partnered with Telecom company Airtel to launch a trial version in Kenya.

It is hoped the service will be used to reach people who do not have internet access. The trial will be active for three months, according to Dan Foy, technical partner manager for the Wikimedia Foundation.

How It’s Done

You don’t need a smartphone, even dumb phones can access it. You want to look the meaning of anything you just have to activate it by dialing *515# after which you receive a prompt to search for articles.

It has many benefits as you can search for articles on the go, no hassles you don’t have to worry about slow internet connections and the service is free!

Wikipeadia and Airtel saw what’s pretty obvious, many Africans are using mobile phones to do their day to day activities many of which are not connected to the internet and as such many haven’t seen Wikipeadia before.

Adoption of cheap mobiles in Africa is widespread, and in many regards the mobile industry across the continent is more advanced than in more developed parts of the world.

For instance, the sending of money via text message is extremely popular – one service, M-Pesa, boasts 17 million users in Kenya alone.


This service will go a long way in helping out, especially doing researches. Again this is another great brand awarness by Airtel. With this T.V adverts is nothing. Hoping it’ll be available in other African countries.

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